Water Treatment Company

Moving Water is the meeting point of years of knowledge and experience in water treatment with the skills transfer for a transformative South Africa & A pioneering approach to ensure every drop counts

Moving Water strives to create a clean and safe environment for all South Africans. Through our BBBEE goals we envision a representative workforce, skilled in the art and science of water treatment, chemical innovation and supply and procurement. This will ensure a sustainable, inclusive future for South Africa and its environment.

With us there is no one-size-fits all solution because each customer has a different objective: be it to drive down cost, comply with environmental regulations, recycle waste-water into drinking water, or a combination of these. Moving Water will partner with you from the beginning of your journey, ensuring that your needs are met in the most cost-effective, inclusive and sustainable manner.

Water treatment

Moving Water is a South African based water treatment company with operations across sub-Saharan Africa. It provides the full range of water treatment services for the industrial, municipal and residential sectors.

Chemical Engineering

Moving Water provides chemical water treatment solutions, backed by some of the top chemical engineering minds in the country. Moving Water is associated with Hydrance Chemicals, which has a reputable international supply chain and access to a world-class laboratory.

Consumables & Equipment

Moving Water is a South African supplier of water treatment fittings from filtration systems to reverse osmosis solutions, machine cartridges and turnkey products. Representing established brands, Moving Water can offer the most dependable products at competitive prices.