We offer solutions for residential and municipal requirements, and across a range of industries, with a focus on power and electricity.

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel                                       

We service the following.

  • Emergency water supply
  • Potable water
  • Acid waste water treatment
  • Waste water re-use

Water sampling and analysis 

The first step in any water treatment process is completing a water report. We perform this for you while taking away the hassle of finding a testing lab. Sample bottles are available through us within 24 hours’ notice.

Design and build 

We are specialists in the design and implementation of customised water treatment plants. With our conceptual approach, we often save clients large percentages of the initial estimate by reducing engineering costs and total capital investment

Service and maintenance 

We provide full maintenance services of water and waste-water treatment plants on an ongoing or project basis. We ensure all health, safety and quality controls and our team of specialists will train and develop client’s staff to manage the day-to-day running of the plant.


Community water requirements are vital for any municipality. We have years of experience working with councils to improve water quality, supply and recycling. Protecting the environment and ensuring that all South Africans have access to pure drinking water is foremost in what we do.


Whether it’s a golfing estate, an office park or a gym – Moving water provides customised residential water treatment services. Our turnkey solutions include household reverse osmosis systems to pre-packaged potable units for building sites. We also create water features and treat large swimming pools.

Sewerage treatment plants

Moving water offers a range of sewerage package plants from smaller units that cater for 100 people to larger systems catering for 5000 people. The package units are easily installed and assembled and require low maintenance. We also provide design, build, install, and chemical supply to more conventional sewerage works.

Water treatment

Our turnkey solutions are available for both small and large scale projects and range from customised packaged plants and modular units to full scale design and build projects including installation, maintenance and operations management. We also work with our customers to teach them how to maintain their own water systems for long-term sustainability.

Industrial water treatment

The industrial sector is one of the biggest users of water in the world and a main contributor to contaminated water.  We help international and local companies in various sectors with process water plants, chemical supply, waste water treatment, effluent treatment and reuse. Our aim is to move the industrial sector towards a zero liquid discharge status, meeting environmental goals and saving costs.

Drinking water plants

Moving water helps municipalities and water boards throughout South Africa. We also design, build, install and operate water treatment plants throughout Africa. We offer a full range of chemicals for drinking water plants and support and promote the Hydrance brand of chemicals.

The company’s resources are qualified and experienced in test procedures and plant operations in order to offer onsite services such as dosage optimisation, product selection and optimisation of plant operating procedures. We will assist all our customers and give 110% in solving your problems, finding the correct products and saving you costs wherever possible.


Moving Water offers a wealth of knowledge and experience with the people it aligns itself with. We offer a full spectrum of training programme to all professionals in the water treatment sector from plant operators through to the management level. Our training includes chemical treatment, mechanical systems, operation and maintenance. Please contact us for a brochure on the training packages and learn how we can assist your company, staff and you to advance your water treatment knowledge.

Package plants and equipment 

We supply and install package plants capable of treating water up to 1200 mᴲ/day. We also design and assemble larger package plant units as more permanent structures of up to 4800 mᴲ/day. Our package plants are pre-assembled and transported, or assembled on site for a ‘plug in and play’ experience. Package plants are perfect for rural or isolated projects and when there’s a temporary need or emergency.

Based in Johannesburg, Moving Water is leading the journey across Africa to create a continent where clean water is available for all communities, and all industries can operate in a sustainable manner. By aligning ourselves with the right technology partners, offering the right products for the local market and focusing on training and empowering young Africans, we can secure the future of Africa’s water supply.” – Chris Ashmore , MDChemical