Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

The world’s water supply is more constrained than ever before. Compounding the problem are stricter laws and regulations governing industries and municipalities to withhold high regard for their surrounding environment. With this in mind, Moving Water is committed to its own compliance and best-practices.

With Moving Water you are assured we operate with integrity, sustainable environmental focus and the wellbeing of all employees and customers.

ISO Certification

Moving Water associates itself with technology partners who have a number of ISO certifications from ISO 9001:2008 through to Environmental (14001) and Health & Safety (18001)


Moving Water promotes and distributes products that have the NSF standard. This is standard for all equipment, consumables and chemicals.

NSF Standard 60 – 2009: Drinking water treatment chemicals – health effects

This standard establishes minimum health effects requirements for the chemicals. It deals with the chemical contaminants and the impurities that may be present in drinking water as a result of the use of drinking water treatment chemicals.

FDA Approval:

Moving Water distributes and promotes the Hydrance range of chemicals, which utilise BWA additives as the backbone. BWA carries diverse approvals and certifications and is also FDA approved.